Blood is the elastic supply in-game reward token created to fuel the FEAR Ecosystem of Play to Earn horror games.

Blood provides a sustainable and lasting way for members of the ecosystem to compete and play to earn.

As the main in game rewarder token Blood will be provided as part of player earnings replacing the FEAR fixed supply token which shall remain the main gateway token to the FEAR Ecosystem of Games.

Blood will launch as a chain agnostic token utilising Muon's cross chain technology initially on Polygon, BSC and a Third yet to be announced chain.

Use Case

After a gamer acquires the Blood token either by Purchase or through earning in game it can be used to consume digital content in the FEAR Ecosystem.

Upcoming Digital Content in 2022 and Beyond...

  • NFTs that will enhance Play to Earn in game experiences
  • NFTs that open up exclusive realms of game play
  • FEAR Merchandise in an online FEAR store
  • Digital Streaming Services - with plans in the works to launch exclusive horror series
  • USD stable coins - Blood will be convertable to USD on several DEXs
two headed terror

Case Study

Clucking Hell is an existing Play to Earn game with NFTs where you can stake FEAR and earn as you progress through the game.

Earnings are proportional to the amount of FEAR staked and how far you progress in the game.

When remodelling this in game economy using the Blood token we get the following in game economy dynamics (exact metrics tbd):

  • Stake 100 FEAR and Burn 10 Blood to Participate
  • Burn Blood to buy an in game NFT to enhance your play to earn experience
  • Player is rewarded small amounts of Blood based on their progress
  • Upgrade weapons using Blood earnt in the game

FEAR - Blood Dynamics

FEAR will remain the key utility token for accessing games in our Ecosystem and will continue to provide powerful benefits in each game. In order to access any Play to Earn options in our games a certain amount will need to be held by the player.

Blood is both a Play to Earn reward token and game play enhancing token.

It's purpose is to allow gamers to earn a token that is both exchangeable for real money but also spendable on key FEAR digital content that help prolong your in game experience.

NFTs will predominantly be sold in Blood except on rare occasions where premium NFTs will require a mix of Blood and FEAR

Token Launch

The Blood IDO will go live on Muon's launch pad using a fair launch structure that benefits existing FEAR Holders.

  • Holders of FEAR in an ERC 20 wallet (outside of exchanges and staking pools) on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC will have their wallet scanned daily at midnight UTC from the 1st-14th January 2022.
  • The average running balance of each wallet will be calculated during this period.
  • Holders will then be allocated Blood proportionally to the amount of FEAR they hold vs all other holders.
  • On the day of the launch FEAR holders can access a webpage where they can exchange USDC for the Blood token at the IDO price.
  • Any unclaimed Blood after a 24 hour period of launch that remains unclaimed will be available on a first come first serve basis to all FEAR holders.
  • Blood will launch at a price of at 0.1 USD on Quick Swap & Pancake Swap followed shortly there after on a third DEX.
  • All proceeds from the sale are strictly for liquidity purposes only and no proceeds go to the FEAR team or any private investors or partners.



0.1 USDper Blood

for both IDO and Public

15 Million

Initial Circulating Supply

How Blood Flows

blood cycle

Elastic Supply

Supply will Increase and Decrease based on:

  • Player numbers
  • Play skill levels
  • Player progress in FEAR games
  • FEAR digital content burn purchases

Blood Roadmap

Blood integration into our existing games will begin in January 2022 after which all future games will be released with Blood integration live.

  • Q1.
  • Clucking Hell
  • FEAR Museum
  • Araya
  • Q2.
  • The Crypt
  • Mad Cock


The Blood sale is coming soon. Please contact

Blood email if you have any questions.